Dansk Retursystem A/S
Baldersbuen 1
DK-2640 Hedehusene
CVR-nr. 25 49 61 40
Phone 43 32 32 32
Fax 43 32 32 39

Responsible recycling


Dansk Retursystem A/S is a privately owned non-profit organization that has the exclusive right to operate the Danish deposit and return system.


Our purpose is to collect empty one-way (disposable) bottles and cans and to make sure that the packaging is recycled so it can be melted down and, for example, turned into new packaging.


The company works closely with importers, producers and intermediaries dealing in beverages on which deposits are payable, as well as with shops, offices, restaurants and other enterprises that sell, supply or transfer deposit-marked beverages to consumers - and naturally with members of the public who return the empty bottles and cans.


English website under reconstruction

Please note that the English version of danskretursystem.dk is under reconstruction

Please contact us if you need help

Mail: info@danskretursystem.dk

Phone: 43 32 32 32

An English version of a "Statutory order on deposits and Collection etc. of packaging for some bevarages" is available here.


Please note that the text should be regarded as an unofficial translation. Only the current Danish document has legal validity.

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